Arizona Dept. of Transportation

“Scott Ritchie [RTE] is simply the best roundabout designer in the business.” – ADOT

California Dept. of Transportation

“This is a roundabout design solution that quite frankly is in a class by itself.  In a simple, yet paradoxically profound way, Scott Ritchie managed to take this problematic corridor on a journey that begins with sound design principles and ends with an operational work of art.” – Caltrans

Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation

“Mr. Ritchie’s inherent knowledge of working traffic operations, extensive field research, innovative transportation solutions, contributions with publications and agency guides, and demonstrated ability to understand and design complex projects from a holistic approach has made him an unsurpassed leader in his field.”  – WisDOT

Institute of Transportation Engineers

“Scott Ritchie has devoted his entire career to pioneering the roundabout revolution in North America.” – ITE

Transportation Research Board

“Scott Ritchie is the nation’s leading roundabout design specialist recognized as a modernizer of the transportation industry, a qualified roundabout design expert and instructor, public educational speaker, and established publisher of roundabout design guidelines in the U.S.” – TRB

Federal Highway Administration

“Mr. Ritchie has developed innovative design techniques to substantially improve modern roundabout operations and field safety.  Scott is one of our national Peer Reviewers… and focuses on roundabout corridor sustainability with enhanced multi-modal facilities.” – FHWA

RTE Expertise 

RTE offers the experience and expertise needed for modern roundabout operation in the United States and worldwide, as well as an excellent knowledge and familiarity of field conditions with roundabouts and transportation issues. Our firm specializes in detailed modern roundabout design and planning, but also offers a wide range of services from roundabout feasibility studies to cumulative traffic impact studies. The goal of the firm is to perform high quality roundabout design and assistance, competent planning concepts, innovative traffic engineering solutions, and public educational services within the roundabout specialty and traffic engineering fields. – Scott Ritchie, President