Welcome to RTE:

RTE offers the experience and expertise needed for modern roundabout operation in the United States and worldwide, as well as an excellent knowledge and familiarity of field conditions with roundabouts and transportation issues. Our firm specializes in detailed modern roundabout design and planning, but also offers a wide range of services from roundabout feasibility studies to cumulative traffic impact studies. The goal of the firm is to perform high quality roundabout design and assistance, competent planning concepts, innovative traffic engineering solutions, and public educational services within the roundabout specialty and traffic engineering fields.

-Scott Ritchie
RTE provides roundabout engineering and traffic engineering services to governmental agencies, private companies, and individuals in any field or phase of development. The company takes pride in being able to offer the sensitivity, flexibility, and innovative abilities that small firms can best provide. RTE specializes in roundabout and traffic engineering services that require a timely, personal response by experienced professionals. The firm's strength lies in the broad range of experience of its president and its collaborative relationships. RTE collaborates with accomplished and known affiliates such as Barry Crown in the U.K. as well as other professional and government agencies throughout the United States and world in both roundabout and traffic engineering disciplines. Please contact us for a Firm Description or Qualification information.

The President of the firm, Scott Ritchie, has been involved in the evaluation, design, modification, audit, redesign, and presentation of hundreds of roundabouts and traffic engineering projects throughout the world. As a roundabout and traffic specialty engineering firm, RTE's president has been involved with numerous federal, state, and private roundabout publications, taught countless roundabout design courses throughout North America, and is viewed as a leading expert in the industry capable of handling and conveying professional modern roundabout design theory and practices. RTE is also viewed as the most competent, comprehensive, and politically sensitive engineering firm over the few other firms that provide similar services worldwide. Please contact us for a Resume or Qualification information.