Precision traffic engineering and transportation planning is critical to each project's design and results as they often dictate the need for specific land uses, traffic mitigation, building orientation and site changes, additional roadway infrastructure, and zoning management. This is why a growing number of our clients are requesting RTE to participate with the project's preliminary design to ensure major changes are not needed prior to full design of the site, intersection, or roadway. Early participation from a traffic engineer will result in a smoother project development process and initially identified project issues even if the project has not yet been completely defined.

RTE provides governing bodies and developers with comprehensive analyses of existing and projected traffic conditions. The president of the firm, Scott Ritchie, P.E., has prepared hundreds of Traffic Impact Analyses for developments ranging from fast food drive-thru restaurants to massive mixed-use development projects. Through initial feasibility analyses, our clients are able to locate potential problem areas and modify their project plans accordingly prior to having us complete the final traffic impact analysis reports.

We make recommendations to improve traffic operational and safety conditions that provide for the safe and efficient flow of vehicles through and around a specific area. Specific mitigation measures are identified in a feasible and cost effective manner. The following is a sample list of services relative to traffic engineering and transportation planning:
Traffic Engineering Products & Services:
  • Trip Generation Analysis Reports
  • Volume to Capacity Analysis Reports
  • Comprehensive Traffic Studies
  • General Traffic Impact Analysis Reports
  • Focused Environmental Impact Reports
  • Traffic Engineering Operations and Design
  • Traffic Signals & Systems Design
  • Traffic Safety Evaluations
  • Traffic Demand Management Solutions
  • Parking Studies
  • Conceptual Land Use Traffic Planning
  • Traffic Related Feasibility Studies
  • Capacity Analysis
  • Corridor Progression Studies
  • Expert Testimony
  • Roadway Network Simulation
  • Site Development & Access
  • Traffic Signal Warrant Analyses