Roundabout Engineering Products & Services:

The development and increasing popularity of the modern roundabout in North America is one of the most exciting recent innovations in the field of traffic engineering. In addition to the dramatic reduction in traffic accidents that roundabouts provide, their installation can generate substantial reductions in delays and associated air emissions, improve intersection capacity and pedestrian travel, and can be a key element in improving the visual quality of roadway corridors and town centers. As a result of these operational, safety, and environmental benefits and growing pubic acceptance, public jurisdictions are increasingly using modern roundabouts.

Proper planning and engineering design as well as public involvement and communication of the roundabout option requires a detailed understanding of their operation, design, and implementation. However, as with any design concept, there are correct and incorrect ways in which roundabouts can be designed. In addition, appropriate striping, signing, lighting, and landscaping are principal keys to the success of a roundabout. RTE staff has the experience and knowledge regarding roundabout design and operations necessary to ensure that each facility operates safely and efficiently.

RTE does not have a marketing staff, traveling salesman, or advertise to perform work in any jurisdiction as our continual workload is quality based and derived from previously satisfied / repeat clients. All work performed originates from Mr. Ritchie's renowned reputation, skill, and high quality of work with a locally licensed firm or professional engineer within a jurisdiction. On each project, Mr. Ritchie assists the responsible engineer in charge under their direct supervision and control as a team effort to arrive upon the best solution possible.

-Scott Ritchie
Roundabouts & Traffic Engineering (RTE) offers a variety of planning and design services to develop high-capacity roundabouts at the planning, design, retrofit, or public educational phases of development. Below is a list of major services typically performed by RTE:
  • Planning and Conceptual Layout Design of Modern Roundabouts
  • Modern Roundabout Capacity and Geometry Analysis with RODEL Software
  • Modern Roundabout Safety & Operational Analysis
  • Horizontal Geometric Design of Modern Roundabouts
  • Vertical Geometric Design of Modern Roundabouts
  • Modern Roundabout Signing Design
  • Striping Design of Modern Roundabouts
  • Lighting Design at Roundabouts
  • Landscaping Design Parameters
  • Roundabout Design Peer Review Assistance
  • Retrofit Design Modifications to Existing Roundabouts
  • Pedestrian and Bikeway Design at Roundabouts
  • Public Educational Presentations, Seminars, & Workshops
  • Roundabout Feasibility Studies & Comparative Analyses
  • Modern Roundabout Training Assistance and RODEL Use
  • On-Call Roundabout Service to Public Jurisdictions (City, County, & State)
  • Roundabout Design Guidelines / Policy Writing and Assistance
  • Roundabout Design and Peer Review