January 1:
Roundabouts: Planning, Design Principles and Current Practices

Although roundabouts have proven safety and operational benefits, proper planning and engineering design is essential for roundabouts to function correctly. This brief, yet practical, teleconference is your opportunity to better understand modern roundabouts and their installation, learn specific design skills and current practices, and apply roundabout design principles to projects in your region. This teleconference will emphasize both basic and advanced roundabout principles to assist you with proper roundabout implementation for better public acceptance, smoother roundabout operations, increased capacity and safety, less maintenance and less pollution. Whether you are new to roundabouts or an experienced design engineer, you will learn to understand the principles of safety behind the modern roundabout as well as specific design practices with simple and complex issues. You will learn about many roundabout design concepts and thought-provoking topics from unique intersection types to give you the opportunity to address different roundabout types and specific details in roundabout design based on geometric design principles.

Learning Objectives
• You will be able to discuss modern roundabouts and their installation.
• You will be able to describe design skills and current practices.
• You will be able to review design concepts and the key to implementing safe roundabouts.
• You will be able to summarize why roundabouts are safer.
May 18-21:
Along with many of the world's top Roundabout Professionals, Scott Ritchie will present several publications and training seminars at a three day conference known as the "National Roundabout Conference" held by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) in Kansas City, Missouri. The last event had over 400 attendees and representatives from over 15 countries world-wide. Check out the Roundabout Training page for more info.
April 29:
Scott Ritchie has been awarded by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation a Level 3 Roundabout Qualified Designer, which is the highest level approved by WisDOT to allow roundabout design, review, or assist in roundabout design for the most complex 3 or 4 lane roundabouts and lower levels. WisDOT wrote: "Your roundabout project design history involving complex designs from around the United States and specifically your involvement in WisDOT roundabout design, training and insight has demonstrated your ability to understand and design complex multi-lane roundabouts from a holistic approach."

Click here to view the Roundabout Qualified Design status letter from WisDOT.

In addition, WisDOT has thanked Mr. Ritchie's involvement and advice in the development of the new principles based guide for the update to the WisDOT Roundabout Guide to be published in April.
November 15:
Scott Ritchie will be hosting a roundabout training seminar in Dallas, Texas on January 15, 16, & 17. This course is applicable to a wide range of people with varying professions and skill levels including Government Officials, State Engineers, City Planners and Engineers, Civil and Traffic Engineers, Consulting Planners and Engineers, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Drafting Technicians, and the like. Whether the person is new to roundabouts or a seasoned roundabout designer, this workshop has the design details to provide excellent training to all skill levels. Please click the following link for the Roundabout Training Brochure.
August 29-31:
As a celebration of opening our new office in Sedona, Arizona, Scott Ritchie will be hosting a roundabout training seminar in Prescott, AZ at the Prescott Resort & Conference Center on August 29, 30, & 31st. Please send all registration forms and fees to RTE's new mailing address at 20 Crimson Vista Lane, Sedona, Arizona 86351. Click here for the Roundabout Training Brochure.
July 20:
Roundabouts & Traffic Engineering has opened a new office in Sedona, Arizona!! Our new mailing address and contact information is noted herein on the Contact page of this site.
July 18:
As part of the Focus Group of the NCHRP 3-65A Update to the FHWA Roundabouts: An Informational Guide, Scott Ritchie is assisting with the rewrite of the information contained in this important national roundabout publication. The new and revised document is expected to be released to the TRB in February with final release around August 2009.
January 9:
Internally Illuminated Bollards are submitted to the USDOT / FHWA for experimental approval!! In coordination with the Washtenaw County Road Commission, Scott Ritchie and Mark McCulloch are formally applying to the FHWA for the use of a new traffic control device known as the internally illuminated bollard. These safety devices not only improve roadway safety, sign efficiency, and driver awareness, but they also are nearly indestructible traffic control devices that illuminate at night. For more information on these devices, please contact Scott at RTE.

For a preview of the application, view the following document and appendix:
FHWA Application, Appendix 'A', Images
October 1:
Come listen to Scott Ritchie speak at a Pedestrian / Bicycle conference meeting in Reno, Nevada. The Procrastinating Pedalers Cycling Club of Reno has asked Mr. Ritchie to be their guest speaker and present on roundabout safety at their conference on Tuesday, October 17, which will include attendees from the Nevada DOT, the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC), the City of Reno, Tahoe Pyramid Bike Trail, the Procrastinating Pedalers of Reno, and others. Contact Heidi Littenberg for attendance details at Heidi.Littenberg@IGT.com.
August 1:
Roundabouts & Traffic Engineering has been selected with Short Elliot Hendrickson (SEH) by the Wisconsin DOT for an exclusive award of pre-qualified and state-wide on-call roundabout master contract. RTE and SEH qualified in all required categories for single lane roundabouts, multi-lane roundabouts, and roundabout design training and roundabout guidelines policy for the state. We look forward to implementing and approving many roundabouts in this progressive state.
June 21:
The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) has selected RTE to create a Public Educational Campaign for Roundabouts for their statewide public awareness and education program including how to drive roundabouts brochure, roundabout informational brochures, and public educational videos on roundabouts. Look for these brochures and videos coming soon to Nevada.

Roundabouts & Traffic Engineering and the Arizona Department of Transportation has recently finished construction of of the first modern roundabout in the state of Arizona that has replaced an existing traffic signal. The new multi-lane roundabout also utilizes the new MUTCD compliant Internally Illuminated Bollards (R4-7 signs) on the splitter islands (a great step for ADOT providing a higher amount of safety at intersections). The roundabout is located on SR 89 at Willow Lake Road in Prescott, Arizona. Please visit RTE's Roundabout Projects section for more information and photos.
May 15:
Scott Ritchie with RTE has been selected with SEH to provide the Wisconsin State Department of Transportation (WisDOT) On-Call Roundabout Design and Review Services for all roundabout related projects in the state as well as Roundabout Educational Presentations and Roundabout Design Training to State staff and local consultants.
April 27:
Come hear Scott Ritchie speak at the "2006 Nevada Bicycle & Pedestrian Conference" at Caesar's Lake Tahoe on April 27-28 in South Shore, Nevada. Along with several national, state, and local organizations such as the FHWA, Nevada DOT, Idaho DOT, RTC of Nevada, City of Sacramento, the University of Nevada Reno, University of Las Vegas, and others, Mr. Ritchie has been asked by the Nevada Department of Transportation to present at this conference under the title "Roundabout Design Opportunities". Come enjoy the networking dinner cruise on Lake Tahoe after the conference.

For further information, please visit bicyclenevada.com
April 15:
The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has renewed their On-Call Roundabout Design, Review, & Training Services with Scott Ritchie (RTE) as their roundabout design specialist and reviewer for ADOT roundabouts and state guidelines.
March 20:
As part of the On-Call contract with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), RTE has been selected to develop MnDOT's state Roundabout Design Guidelines Manual / Standards. These guidelines will act as a stand-alone design manual for roundabouts used statewide.
February 14:
In coordination with the City of Chico, Scott Ritchie has designed the first multi-lane modern roundabout in North America that has a Fire Station on the roundabout itself at the intersection of Manzanita Avenue / Eaton Road. The new Fire Station will have its primary access point on the southwest quadrant of the roundabout with the ability to respond immediately to an emergency in any roadway direction with minimal delay of traffic, a high degree of safety, and without concern of running a red light since its direct access to the circulating roadway provides immediate right of way for the emergency vehicle.

The New Fire Station #5 and Wildwood Park is now completed (built) and awaiting the roundabout and roadway realignments this coming summer.
January 6:
Scott Ritchie will be presenting for the Minnesota Department of Transportation which takes place April 5-6. Click here to download a copy of the registration form. Drop by the Roundabout Training section for more information.

Scott Ritchie has been selected with several teams by the MnDOT for an exclusive award of pre-qualified and state-wide on-call roundabout services. Along with other local civil engineering firms in Minnesota such as Stonebrooke Engineering and Short Elliott Hendrickson (SEH), RTE qualified in all four of the required categories: (1) Low Demand Single Lane Roundabouts, (2) High Demand Single Lane Roundabouts, (3) Multi-Lane Roundabouts, and (4) Roundabout Design Training/Presentations and Roundabout Guidelines / Policy for the state.
December / January:
As part of RTE's On-Call contract with the City of Chico, Scott Ritchie and Land Images are developing a Public Educational Campaign for Chico Roundabouts. The City of Chico has hired RTE to design 15-20 roundabouts throughout the city. The Manzanita and Eaton Road Corridors have 9 roundabouts planned along the corridor. The Public Educational Campaign program includes how to drive Chico's roundabouts brochure, roundabout informational brochures, and public educational videos on roundabouts with the local fire chief as the key role speaker.
December 20:
As part of the Cotton Lane Roundabout Project, the Maricopa County Department of Transportation in Arizona has initiated RTE to conduct a Public Educational Campaign for Roundabouts. The Public Educational Campaign program includes roundabout informational brochures and public presentations on modern roundabouts.
November 20:
View this invitation for a ribbon cutting ceremony to take place at the I80 / SR 89 Diamond Interchange in Truckee, California.

Also drop by scottsdaletraffic.com for a live streaming webcam of the 96th @ Sweetwater roundabout in Scottsdale Arizona.
October 15:
Drop by the Projects section for newly added photos and information on current and past projects.
September 13:
Visit the Training Seminars section for newly added upcoming training events.
July 1:
Visit our Projects section for many new additions in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Indiana.
January 1:
Read these two articles (Article 1, Article 2) which contain updated information on the status of the Roundabouts in Truckee, CA in which Scott Ritchie participated in the design. More information on these roundabouts can be found on our Projects page.
December 19:
Information has been added to the Training Seminars section on the TRB National Roundabout Conference in Vail Colorado May 22-25. More information on this conference can also be found on TRB Website. Be sure to Register Today!
December 18:
Whiting Street Roundabout, Grass Valley, CA. The following newsletter is prepared to keep local residents and interested parties informed of project issues and status: (Newsletter 1, Newsletter 2). The newsletter will be published after each Community Meeting, and will be sent to those attending, and neighbors who were unable to attend. For more information on this roundabout, visit our Roundabout Projects section.
Spring - Truckee, CA:
This spring CALTRANS will begin construction of the Interstate 80 / State Route 89 Diamond Interchange Dual Roundabouts Project in Truckee, CA. Please refer to our representative Roundabout Projects page for more information on this design.
Spring - Rifle, CO:
This spring the Colorado Department of Transportation will begin construction of the Interstate 70 / State Route 13 Diamond Interchange Roundabouts (three total) Project in Rifle, CO. Please refer to our representative Roundabout Projects page for more information on this design.
Spring – Superior, CO:
This spring the Colorado Department of Transportation will begin construction of the Sylvan Lake / US 6 Roundabout Project in Superior, CO. Please refer to our representative Roundabout Projects page for more information on this design.
Spring - Roundabout Signing Guide:
Scott Ritchie, P.E. with Roundabouts & Traffic Engineering and Phil Weber, P.E. of Roundabouts Canada are publishing a ROUNDABOUT SIGNING GUIDE for use in the United States and Canada. Mark Lenters of Roundabouts Canada, Leif Ourston of Ourston Roundabout Engineering, as well as other State Departments of Transportation throughout the United States will be reviewing the document prior to presenting it at the TRB National Roundabout Conference in May./n/nThe publication will document the design of roundabout signs for use in North America based on a combined methodology of United Kingdom principles and the current United States Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). The paper will describe and provide justification for the establishment of several new signs due to the unique nature of roundabouts. The paper will be presented with visual examples, signing design details, sign placement tables, examples of sign sequencing, and locations for various roundabout designs.
Spring - Roundabouts With High Speed Approaches:
Scott Ritchie, P.E. with Roundabouts & Traffic Engineering is publishing a ROUNDABOUTS WITH HIGH SPEED APPROACHES document. It will focus on research conducted in countries such as the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, and Australia to determine operational results of roundabouts with high speed approaches.

Operational issues, safety issues, accident data, speed data, and comparisons between signals and roundabouts on both high speed and low speed locations will be analyzed, reported, and discussed. As a result of this publication, mitigation recommendations for roundabouts with high speed approaches will be identified for use in the United States and Canada. Scott Ritchie will present this publication at the TRB National Roundabout Conference in May.